• In the NY incident this month, two people reported hearing what they thought were shots fired, law enforcement sources said then. As officers converged on Terminal 8, police began to receive additio...

    Dec 17, 2018, 00:27
  • Gary Johnson to appear on OH ballot

    Johnson's name will appear on the ballot without a party designation because a change in state law resulted in the Libertarians losing their status as...

    Aug 26, 2016, 00:46
  • USA lambasts Europe over Apple's tax

    The white paper said the USA stands to lose out on tax collections due to the EU's demands , as companies can legally defer paying taxes on their o...

    Aug 26, 2016, 00:45
  • The Clinton Foundation will put new restrictions on accepting donations if Hillary Clinton becomes president. The charity will rely only on contri...

    Aug 21, 2016, 01:32
  • It hasn't finalized plans for what will happen to its archives, but its employees will be transferred to positions within Gawker Media or Univisio...

    Aug 21, 2016, 01:28
  • Ken Salazar to head Clinton transition team

    Other staff members on the committee will include Heather Boushey , now the executive director of the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, who w...

    Aug 17, 2016, 01:31
  • Appeals court stays ruling on voter ID

    Peterson found the state's process for getting free IDs to people who lack such documents to be unconstitutional and "a wretched failure" because it h...

    Aug 11, 2016, 00:57
  • Hillary Clinton Hits Trump Over Outsourcing

    Trump allies openly upbraided their candidate Wednesday for his inability to stay on message, demanding more self-discipline by the political neophyte...

    Aug 11, 2016, 00:58